Health and Wellness

India as a center for Health and Wellness is renowned in the world. There are many factors responsible for it. One of it is that it is said to be the place of origin for natural and herbal treatments which helps in solving most of the body injuries.
Health and Wellness

India is a place where treatment of health is not based only on the use of medications. Use of chemical medication became popular here only with increase in the adoption of modernized trends of living. When more and more people started adopting the western culture then there was an increase in the use of international solution. Before this trend came into existence, India was already rich in sources and techniques of natural healing.

India: Center of Health and Wellness

Even in ancient time India was a complete health center. There were medicines of all types but there inputs were not chemicals. Medicines were created with the input of herbs and plants. Not just this it is said that the technique of yoga originated from the spiritual and traditional practices of Indian religion only. The term yoga is considered as a direct way towards unification of the mind with the supreme powers of god. In Sanskrit another word of yoga is union only. Though yoga poses are generally termed as yoga exercises more than a way of spiritual unification. But the fact is that our mind is connected to the body in such a way that what ever you think from the mind would have a direct affect on the body and whatever you do with your body would simultaneously give effect on mind. Therefore most of the yoga asanas are performed are to provide this balance.

Meditation is done though mind along with breathing exercises and they have a direct effect on the body and helps in treating its various disorders. This is the hidden truth of the Indian culture. The teachers or to be more correct the yogis of the past had already gained so much of knowledge that they were moving almost closer to the real spiritual powers. They were continuously imparting their knowledge to their students who were spreading it further more.

The truths of life and existence are hidden in the scriptures and beliefs on the Indian history. There some yoga postures which justifies these facts:

Raja yoga: It is a technique of yoga which emphasizes on the reunion of the mind and the body through the continuous practice of meditation exercises. It says that the path of self realization can be attained if the mind gets back to its stable position without any thoughts of the physical existence.

Jnana yoga: This type of yoga teaches that the soul gets spiritual knowledge and freedom from the difficulties of life by the studies of the traditional scriptures.

Karma yoga: This is a way which explains that man should continue to stay in his environment and perform the activities of self realization and unification to the god without any motive of materialistic gain.

Pranayama Yoga: Breathing exercises are the way of performing meditation activities which helps the body in regulating its systems on its own.

Other yoga postures: They are helpful in providing strength and energy to the muscles of the body due to which most of the difficulties gets treated naturally.

Other yoga postures