Ayurveda Treatment for Stress Management

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Ayurveda is said to be extremely effective to cure diseases which affect the body�s immunity system in many ways. These days stress has been playing a dominant factor in the life of human beings. Heart, body, spirit and mind are subjected to get affected easily by day to day stress. Economic difficulties, worries about security, emotional trauma-stressors etc. are certain factors which are playing a dominant role in increasing stress these days. However, to be effective in treating stress, it is necessary to look for some stress management techniques. To manage stress, Ayurveda can be the best option. Ayurveda treatment for stress management helps to maintain a good balance between energy and immunity system which your body needs to deal with stress.

Ayurveda Treatment for Stress Management

Effects of Stress and Anxiety

Stress can lead to much chronic illness like stroke, heart diseases, cancer and some immunity disorder.

  • It can result in increasing conflict and aggression
  • It affects negatively on decision making, judgment, emotional balance and creativity.

  • To deal with all these problems, Ayurveda treatment for stress management is helpful. Here are some techniques which can help:

    • Brahmi is an herbal medicine that helps to balance the brain's two hemispheres and activates the chakra of crown.
    • Ashwagandha is a great stress buster herb which maintains the chemical balance of the brain.
    • Chandan is said to be a calming agent that cools down the mind by satiating Pitta dosha.
    • Panchkarma is a great way to deal with stress related health problems. It is a process that looks for the cause of the problem and corrects it by balancing the body's doshas.
    • Ashwagandha enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain and improves different perception and memory related areas.

    • Treatment for Mental Stress

      Mental stress is caused due to overuse or misuse of the mind. To eliminate this problem, you need to take certain measures to pacify Prana Vata like:

      • Having warm milk and other light dairy products
      • Favoring Vata-balancing foods like sour, sweet and salty tastes
      • Performing a full-body warm oil self-massage everyday

      Try to take as much rest as you can and avoid taking caffeine if you find it difficult to sleep. Ayurvedic treatments like meditation and aromatherapy are the best things you can do.
      Treatment for Physical Stress

      The reason of physical stress can be overuse of the body like exercising too much or working for a long time. This can make a person experience mental fogginess, dullness of the mind, physical fatigue and difficulty in concentrating. For this the Ayurveda solution is to balance Vata and support Kapha, so body becomes stable and nurturing by following a Vata-Kapha pacifying diet.

      • Getting proper rest and moderate exercise
      • Performing the full-body warm oil self massage regularly
      • Patient is also advised to take certain foods like juice, ricotta, walnuts, coconut and seasonal fruits such as pears which are natural stress busters according to Ayurveda.

      Ayurveda also focuses on eliminating emotional stress and fatigue. It promotes positive thinking, and self-confidence. The herbs present in this formula improve the emotions and mind coordination and support resistance to emotional stress. Ayurveda ensures that individual becomes stress free during the treatment and for the rest of his/her life as well. Hence, by following Ayurveda treatment for stress management, you can surely deal with unnecessary stress and fatigue that comes due to overexertion of the body.