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The Kaivalyadhama Yogic Hospital is established in 1924 and is located in the foothills of the Sahyadris in Western Maharashtra. The hospital is spread over 180 acres of secluded land near the Valvan Dam. Several yoga courses are conducted here. The activities at Kaivalyadhama yogic hospital include yoga for general health and fitness, yoga therapy, special workshops, seminars, public workshops, pranayama sadhana shibir and collaborative therapeutical research. The aim of this hospital is to restructure society around spiritual values through a revival of the ancient Yogic discipline.

Kaivalyadhama Lonavla

Yoga is perfect way of balancing mind and body moreover it leads to better health. The hospital provides efficient system of Health Management through Yogic practices to people. Along with the spiritual and physical culturists, a number of patients suffering from various psychosomatic diseases visit the hospital for the treatment. Massage, sauna and steam baths, mud treatment is also available here. Mud treatment is specialty of this hospital. A full body mud bath is a very healthful as it leaves the body soft, smooth, fresh and free of stress. Regular chanting of mantras is also performed here in front of the sacrificial fire. All this has been possible at one place because of the efforts of the people of this Hospital.

Accommodation at Kaivalyadhama yogic hospital:

The Yogic Hospital lonavla includes rooms, library and the hall for yoga practice. The rooms of yogic hospital is clean sensibly furnished and are very comfortable. Running hot water is available twice a day in the bathroom.

Dining at Kaivalyadhama yogic hospital:

The hospital also includes dining hall at the centre. The dining hall is spotlessly maintained and efficiently run. The simple and nutritious food with salads, fruit and an interesting variety of vegetarian food is served here. If you want a change you can eat at places outside the hospital.

Treatments at Kaivalyadhama yogic hospital Lonavla:

1 week course of Yoga therapy at yogic hospital includes Yoga asanas, Yogic kriyas, Pranayam and Naturopathy and is conducted round the year. The approximate per day cost of this treatment is Rs. 300 for single and Rs 400 for double. For foreigners the costs is US$ 15 and US$ 12 respectively. the individual naturopathy treatment cost ranges formRS.25 for a hot wet pack, local area massage, mud pack to Rs,. 100 for a stem and sauna bath and Rs.250 for a full body massage to Rs.300 sfor a Shirodhara.

The doctors at Kaivalyadhama yogic hospital are trained and expert in their respective fields. The yoga tutors at the centre are trained at Kaivalyadhama College of yoga. Efficient masseurs are here to provide best massage to the guests. All the masseurs of the centre are efficiently trained by the naturopathy at Kaivalyadhama.